Portrait people
Portrait people is a short coming-of-age film that follows a young couple though three key stages of their relationship. Shot for my final piece of coursework, its one of my favorite pieces of work I've completed.
Groovidi pro-mo
  I was DoP on this promotional film for the technology company Groovidi . I was working for Sky High Films and filming at The Flying Dutch festival in Amsterdam. 
2016 Showreel
This is my 2016 showreel. It includes shots from all the films I have worked on over the past year, some of the films I have directed and some I have been camera operator or director of photography.
Party Film 2016
This is a film I made for someone's 18th birthday party last year. I was the camera operator For the film and it was edited by a partner Morgan Goodsmith (website linked below). The films main challenge was filming in low light with using only available and practical lights whilst shooting run-and-gun style.
Posted is a short comedy about a man waiting for a parcel. Directed by Charles Power and shot in Falmouth, UK. On this production, I was the camera operator. This production offered me another opportunity to work on a larger scale professional set and allowed me to work with a more professional crew.
Written and Directed by Harley Mathews. A short thriller about a hospital patient ( ELIZABETH) trying to recollect the events of a near-fatal car accident she was in. Though the head doctor has an ulterior motive. I was the Cinematographer on this production. It provided an opportunity for me to experiment with some interesting and alternative lighting. 
Shot by myself and a friend in one day on holiday in Scotland. Alone is about a Young man alone in a post-apocalyptic landscape. One year in and still searching for another human being.
Steel City Downhill
In April 2016 I assisted Sky High Films video productions as a camera operator with the coverage of Steve Peats Downhill mountain bike race. This was shot by myself and Morgan Goodsmith and also edited by Morgan.
This is a short 50 second art film about a boy and his grandfather’s super 8 film projector. It's a proof of concept piece for a larger project I hope to do in the future. This was filmed, directed and edited by me.
Fire Build
Fire build is a short video about two campers trying to build a fire in snowy woodland. It was filmed as a test for my Sony a7 mark ii. All shot with available light and handheld with a Canon FD 50mm f1.8. Filmed, directed and edited by me.