Henry Rees

Commercial and Advertising

What we can do for you
We can create anything that you may need to promote your brand, product or event. Anything from a large scale corporate video or advert, too a social media video for a promotion. We can also create product demonstration films, event coverage or narrative based adverts. If you want to promote your brand then contact us to discuss your project. Please see below some examples of what we have made.
Portrait video for social media advertising
Portrait video is more likely to capture the attention of your audience as it fills 100% of the screen making it almost impossible to miss. With more and more people consuming content on their phones it is crucial to tailor advertising to work better on all social media platforms. The best way to advertise on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is to have a short portrait video with lots of energy that will grab your audiences attention and lead them to your website.
Fire Pit Rocks
This film was made for a social media advertising campaign for a new bar on West Street in Sheffield. The videos portrait format, short length, and energetic pace made it a very successful advert and contributing to the further success of the company. It was used as a promotion on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.
CODE: Nightclub
A perfect example of how videos can be used to promote a company or event. This video for a Sheffield Nightclub Gained over 120,000 views across Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Used to promote the club to new students moving to Sheffield, the advert was targeted at people between the ages of 18 and 25 who may be coming to Sheffield for university. The success of this campaign brought many new students to the club with sell-out nights throughout freshers week.
Bar Crawl Event
Covering one of the biggest Sheffield student nights this video follows over 2000 students on bar crawl down Sheffield's West Street and ending in CODE: nightclub. The video is another social media piece and will be used to promote future bar crawls to give people a sense of what its like to go on the bar crawl.
Groovidi pro-mo
This film was made two years ago to promote an advertising software company in Amsterdam called Groovidi. I was the director of photography on this film, working with Sky High Films.
Groovidi Corprate film
Just like the Groovidi promotional film, this is a longer product explanation film. This video would be sent out to potential clients to explain the product whereas the shorter promotional film would be used to brand awareness on social media. ​
IPM security biometric turnstile
An example of our corporate work. A product explanation film used to explain the product to potential clients, showing the features of a building site security system built into a shipping container.
Steel City Downhill
Along side corporate video and averts we have also covered events. When producing these films we are dedicated to a very quick turn around time as the most views will happen up to 48 hours after the event. By getting a video out within this time we can vastly increase your brand's exposure online, increasing attendees/sales at future events.
Molly's Bar
We were commissioned to make this film to promote the opening day of a new bar in Sheffield called Molly Malones Irish Tavern. This was shot in vertical after the success of the previous videos shot in this format. The video was used in a social media advertising campaign to raise awareness for the new bar.